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Skin Disorders

In Ayurveda, there are many authentic treatments for different types of skin disorders. Dr Sathish’s Changethu Ayurvedic Hospital has a well-equipped team of physicians and therapists to make use of the penetrative and detoxifying abilities of age-old ayurveda medicines. We aim to eliminate the root cause of the disease and revitalise the skin.

Diseases like

  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Lichen Planus
  • Urticaria
  • Fungal Infections
  • Acanthosis nigricans
skin disorders


There are different types of dharas to treat skin ailments. Takra dhara (pouring of medicated curd), kashaya dhara (pouring of kashayas) Ksheeradhara (pouring of medicated milk) are to name a few. All these dharas aims at thorough cleansing of the skin and improving the skin lustre.


Lepam is an Ayurvedic therapy characterized by the external application of medicated herbal paste on the skin. Lepam with high anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties activates the natural healing abilities of the body. It smoothens the skin, increases blood circulation, and relieves pain.

Internal medications

In Ayurveda, there are many medicines that restore the doshic balance of the body and promotes skin health by removing the toxins that have accumulated in the body. Such medication cleanses the body at the cellular level and improves the skin condition.

Raktha mokshanam (blood letting)

Raktamokshanam procedure aims at the eradication of the basic cause of the disease. It is an effective blood purification therapy, in which carefully controlled removal of small quantities of impure blood is conducted to neutralise accumulated toxins.

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