REHABILITATION AND MANAGEMENT OF CEREBROVASCULAR ACCIDENT (Stroke) specialities in Pandalam, kerala by Changethu Ayurveda

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Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA), the third most common cause of death in developing countries, is the term used to describe episodes of focal brain dysfunction due to focal ischemia or hemorrhage. Acute stroke is characterized most commonly by hemiplegia with or without signs of focal higher cerebral dysfunction that has posed a great problem as far as its management is concerned. Ayurveda can help in such conditions. Panchakarma procedures including Rookshana, Snehana and Virechana were adopted along with other internal medicines. The treatment strategies followed in this study can be safely adopted under the supervision of a trained Ayurveda specialist. The clinical features will be variable and depends on site and extent of infarct. Pure motor stroke caused by an infarct in the internal capsule is the most common lacunar syndrome that result in weakness of the face, arm, and/or leg. Since both motor and sensory fibers are carried in the internal capsule, a stroke to the posterior limb of the internal capsule can lead to contralateral weakness and sensory loss. The signs and symptoms of CVA can be correlated with Pakshaghata in Ayurveda. The condition affects Sira (vascular structures) and Snayu (tendons and ligaments) of half of the body and face. The cardinal features of Pakshaghata includes Chestahani (decreased motor activity), Ruja (pain) and Vakstambha (slurred speech. Such manifestations can be managed in Ayurveda successfully.

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